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Tax Title | Tax Title Services

When you purchase a property through a tax deed sale, you receive a tax title, and your goal is likely to sell the property to quickly make a profit. However, there are often problems that can arise that make this difficult. Being stuck with a property that is difficult to sell will significantly impact your ability to make money, and Tax Title Services is here to help.

Most counties allow the distressed homeowners a period of time in which they can redeem the property. If you are holding tax deeds in one of these counties, you will have to hold onto them until the redemption period is over. This is not necessarily a problem, because you will be paid interest if the homeowner redeems the property, but you do need to be aware of the laws before investing.

Another problem you will encounter with tax sales is that the properties often do not have a clear title. This means that it is not clear who legally owns the property. If someone has the ability to lay claim to the title, you may encounter problems. Because of this possibility, you will not be able to get title insurance on it. Without title insurance, any potential buyer cannot obtain a mortgage.

This is where we can help. If you own a taxt title, we will do the legwork for you and help you obtain the certification necessary for title insurance without the need to go to court. By helping you overcome this hurdle, we help you make your investment dreams a reality. Contact us today at (949) 798-1180 to learn more about our service.